Renovations - Marina Upgrades

Long Beach Marina is currently undergoing its first major renovation since the marina’s initial opening decades ago.

Under the new ownership of Dr. Sam Saiedy (who made the acquisition in March 2016) and a new management team. The new multi-million dollar development project includes transformative upgrades to the marina itself, as well as all support services and facilities.

Phase one of the 3-year renovation plan is currently under way. This includes the start of the construction work for the replacement of aged wooden timber piers with concrete floating piers — all of our piers will be done on a staggered schedule.

Below, view the complete list of new service offerings, marina and facilities upgrades that we will be making to the Long Beach Marina.

What's On Deck To Come

New, Colorful Landscaping
throughout Property

Seating Along Perimeter of Property

New, Solid Concrete Floating Piers

17 New Electric Boat Lifts, up to 25,000 lbs

New Solar Powered Lights for Parking Lot

Extended Beach with Stone Jetty's

Pool Patio Extended to Accommodate More Lounge Chairs

Splash Pad for Children

Multi-Level Restaurant with Large Decks

Large Gazebo

138 Boat, Indoor Storage & Maintenance Facility

Jet Ski Rental

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